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Things we don't know what they are

Round thing

It's body is wood. The tail is brass. The nose is aluminum. There is a casting on the rear center with a small white pin that might be a fuze. The words FLARE NOT INSTALLED are written on the aluminum nose cone. There are two red tags on the nose the seem to be attached to pins much like the pin on a grenade. There is also one on the tail. There is an opening in the side. It is covered with a lid which we have not removed. The entire thing came in a black cardboard tube with metal ends. Click on thumbnail for bigger picture.

I think it's a marker buoy that was dropped from a PBY to show the location of an item in the water or to mark a submarine. The wooden body kept it afloat and the fusing allowed it to be jettisoned from the aircraft and activated before it hit the water. I could be wrong but that is what I think it is.
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Cliff Point Radar

These are images of a radar site at Cliff Point which is just across the entrance of Womens Bay from the USCG (ex Navy) base at Kodiak, Alaska. I would like more information about this site. Photos all taken fall 1997.

According to Tony Perez, it was built by the Navy in 1951. Tony maintained two Kohler generators located in a Quonset hut at the site. His civil service supervisor was Walt Taylor.

Tom Morris built this radar as well as one on Womens Mt according to his son.

According to an email dated 19 Feb 1998 from John Pfeifer, the borough has a packet of information from Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab explaining the site and its purpose in a fair amount of detail.

Google Earth coordinates: 57 43 10N 152 28 05W

Pump or engine made by Rumsey at Cliff Point

A triplex water pump made by Rumsey who worked for Gould Pump Company in New York...left and formed his own co. The pump was made in approx. 1870's - 1880's. It was usually associated with mining, pumping water from the shafts. [Thanks to
Glen Lewis]

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