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1998 Sept 30, from Pillar Mt.
1. Hangar One
2. Hangar Two
3. Hangar Three
4. Fire Station
5. Golden Anchor, Resturant Club
6. Cutter Pier
7. Fuel Pier
8. Marginal Pier, derelict
9. Airport Control Tower
10. Peterson Elementary School
456. Building 456 slated for 1999 demolition

On April 17, 1947 the Air Station was commissioned as an Air Detachment at the navy base with one PBY Catalina aircraft, seven pilots, and thirty crewmen.

October 25, 1962. Coast Guard Cmdr. W. Fenlon sets a recognized class record for great circle distance without landing (piston engined amphibians) of 3,571.65 miles from Kodiak, Alaska, to Pensacola, Fla., in a Grumman UF-2G Albatross. The record still stands.

On July 1, 1971 the Navy turned all airport runways and areas to the north over to the State of Alaska for operation and maintenance.

On April 25, 1972 the order establishing Coast Guard Base Kodiak and CG RADSTA Kodiak was issued by the Commandant of the CG. CG Air Station Kodiak was already operating with three HC-130H airplanes and two HH-52A helicopters. The order reads "The base will be established upon satisfactory turnover of Naval Station Kodiak to the Coast Guard."

On the slopes of Old Women's Mountain, across the road from the main gate to the base, there is a star which is lighted during the Christmas season. At the base of this star there is a memorial stone, engraved "In memory of all military personnel who have given their lives while engaged in operations from Kodiak 30 November 1980". At the top there are engraved in the stone the emblems for the USN, USCG, and USMC.

Hangar 3
1999 April

Photo by Jayne Joy
Airport area seen from summit of Barometer Mt.
2001 June

Seaplane ramps
Womens Bay
1999 April

View from the control tower, Barometer Mt. on the left edge, Pyramid Mt. in distance, fire station in foreground with red roof, Peterson School behind trees to the left of the fire station, 1999 July 29, photo courtesy of FAA.

View from the control tower toward Women's Bay, 1999 July 29, photo courtesy of FAA.

US Coast Guard Base - The largest Coast Guard base in the USA. The Coast Guard Integrated Support Command is responsible for all units west of 152 West longitude. Kodiak's units include: Air Station Kodiak which has rescue swimmers. Marine Safety Detachment Kodiak, Communications Detachment Kodiak; Electronics Support Detachment Kodiak; Cutters: Alex Haley, Spar, Storis, and the North Pacific Regional Fisheries Training Center. The entire Coast Guard base area is protected by the ISC Fire Department.

Loran Stations Kodiak, St. Paul, Port Clarence and Attu were disestablished at 2000Z on 8 February 2010.

Alaska is the Coast Guard's 17th district. The place for Coast Guard people to get together is Fred's Place.

Photos below taken August 1999 from the star on Old Women's Mt. All are shown in 120 x 80 resolution. Click on 640 x 480 size (45-66K) or on 1200 x 800 size (123-171K) for larger versions.

640x480 1200x800
Background: city of Kodiak, Near Island. Foreground: base fire station on extreme left, control tower on right, Petersen School in center.
640x480 1200x800
Control tower & Government Hill housing. Background: Near Is., Crooked Is., Popov Is., Woody Is.

640x480 1200x800
Base dispensary on extreme left, administration building with red roof, hangar 2, hangar 1. Cliff Point, Broad Point, Cape Chiniak beyond.
640x480 1200x800
Hangar 2, hangar 1, then at the corner of Women's Bay is the gym/pool, commisary. Cliff Point, Broad Point, Cape Chiniak beyond.

640x480 1200x800
Background: Pillar Mt., city of Kodiak. Fire station on left, control tower, Government Hill, dispensary, administration.
640x480 1200x800
Water tank, dispensary, administration, ball field, hangar 2, part of hangar 1.

640x480 1200x800
Golden Anchor Club in back. Hangar 2.
640x480 1200x800
Hangar 1, C-130.

640x480 1200x800
Dispensary, hotel, abandoned small boat harbor in background.
640x480 1200x800
Administration, chapel, family services with green roof.

KODIAK,Alaska- Erin Badon bakes cookies on board the Coast Guard cutter Alex Haley, Wednesday morning as part of the Kodiak High School job shadow day. Ten students shadowed active duty Coast Guard members at different locations around the base. The goal of the program is to expose young people to real world jobs that may interest them. Photo by: Michelle Sabangan, Kodiak High School 11th grade. 2001 April 25

1536x2048, 645K

1536x2048, 376K

* Concete pad is site of just demolished building 25, Fighter Hangar. Hangar 3 beyond. 2002 July 15

Panoramic sequence from atop NMFS tower (removed same date) near Bldg. 53, (removed in 2001). 2002 July 15 * * * * * *

* (Note: If largest photo version doesn't load, it may be only available on our CD-ROM of the website.)

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