(Monday March 30, 1964)
(Prepared by Karl Armstrong)

Governor Bill Egan arrived in Kodiak yesterday afternoon to confer with city and local state officials and begin arrangements to deal with the multitude of problems, both immediate and long range which faces the reconstruction of the community. The Governor appeared on AFRS-TV to address the people of Kodiak and assured them that no effort is being spared by either federal or state officials to speed assistance to the stricken areas, "I have been greatly inspired by the tremendous outpouring of effort being displayed by the courageous people of Kodiak in dealing with this tragic disaster," the Governor stated adding, "It is nothing short of amazing how much has been accomplished already by your community in overcoming the effects of this catastrophe. I am proud of everyone of you in this hour of stress," he concluded. The Governor and his party of officials departed at about 10 p.m. for Anchorage where a meeting of officials and representatives of the various stricken communities throughout the State will be held to accelerate assistance. Former City Manager and Deputy Director of Civil Defense Bill Poland will depart today for Anchorage where he will represent Kodiak at the statewide meeting with federal and state officials.

The Health Center says that approximately 1500 people were immunized Sunday and about 200 units of vaccine are on hand but the Navy has more vaccine coming with its arrival depending upon weather. They will use up what is on hand and stand by for arrival of more vaccine.

More clothing of all sizes and kinds is needed at the Armory for distribution to those wiped out almost completely. Among items needed are ladies socks, blankets, towels, washrags,, rain gear, baby diapers, boots and shoes. All these items are being issued now.

Ole Johnson appeals to everyone to make every effort to conserve power. "We are in rough shape and urge that all unnecessary power use be discontinued," Ole said. He asked that all outside lighting be discontinued. "Those street lights now being used are for the public safety and may even be curtailed," he said. "This does not mean that you should turn off your radios and TV's as we realize that this is your only means of communication and information and vital at the moment," Ole stated. "We expect to be able to have power restored to the Base Road area and to the Mission Road beyond the Beachcombers area by tonight," he said hopefully.

Postmaster Bill Lamme advises that the Post Office is now back in operation and with PNA restoring regular schedules as much as possible, mail should be dependable again.

ACS continues to accept wires on a 24-hour basis and the National Guard will be operating the amateur radio station on a 24-hour basis at Pete Deveau's home up near the high school. Pete was able to get into contact with Anchorage today and messages can be sent through this facility also,

All our cannery firms give indications that they plan to rebuild here. Today King Crab Superintendent Pete Deveau said the Mark Jensen of Washington Fish and Oyster will arrive here to begin restoration of the King Crab Inc. facility, Pete said they have cleanup crews working there now and in two days expect to have a boiler going which will permit the cleanup of equipment. He pointed out that while the old cannery building section was damaged rather extensively that the salmon processing equipment was virtually undamaged excepting for electrical motors and that they would be able to handle salmon this season.

R.C. "Dick" Sweezey of Alaska Ice & Storage Co. arrived today and is directing operations to get the cold storage plant back into operation. He said he did not expect the plant to be back in operation in time to handle any of the Bering Sea halibut catch now being caught but said the plant would be on "limited operations" possibly within thirty days. He pointed out that all the equipment has to be overhauled with much having to be flown to Seattle for repairs. Manager Bix Bonney had encouraging news saying that he is making plans to resume all his processing operations involving halibut, king and dungeness crab. "The reason the plant was built here in Kodiak still remains...the crab, salmon and other riches of the sea are still here in the Kodiak area in greater quantity than anywhere else, and we shall be processing them again as quickly as possible," Bix said.

Merrill Coon assured that although their entire marine facilities were wiped out that the huge storage tanks remain and are full of all bulk products including furnace oil, diesel fuel, automobile gas and aviation gas. "I have absolutely no doubt that my company will rebuild, the marine facilities and will commence reconstruction of even better facilities than before as quickly as possible," Merrill said reassuringly this morning. The Union Oil facilities appear to be relatively little damaged and the dock is still standing according to Pete Ramagliz.

Robert Sharp of the State Highway Dept., accompanied Governor Egan to Kodiak yesterday and said that the state is going ahead with highway construction work which included the paving of Brooklyn and Rezanoff Streets from Alaska Way to the cutoff road connecting Mill Bay and Mission Road. The contract has been let to S.S. Mullen Co. which began work several weeks ago. The work has been interrupted and may be delayed due to the use of some of their equipment in clearing the disaster area but it will be done ,

Deputy Director of Civil Defense Bill Poland, who is leaving today for a meeting with state and federal officials on the reconstruction of the disaster struck areas of Alaska, said today that he has no doubt that there will be a great deal of work available for local people, "The hiring of local people wherever possible is what is being planned, "Bill advised this morning." con't.

We regret to report that our local magistrate,, Judge Mabel Fenner, died at approximately 6 a.m. Sunday morning from a heart attack. Mable, who came to Kodiak in the early days of World War II and watched Kodiak grow over the past 25 years, served as magistrate since shortly after the inaugeration of President Eisenhower and she was reappointed to her position by Governor Egan after statehood came. Mabel won the respect, admiration, and affection of Kodiak over the many years with the compassion with which she administered justice in her court here. She is survived by her husband Artis Fenner and her son, Dr. Donald Fenner, both of Kodiak,, Virgil C. Layton, 50, of the vessel Hekla, died yesterday while doing salvage work in the harbor. He is survived by his wife Stella and his daughter Madeline Magnusson,

Oscar Dyson and Pat Cannon are drawing up a list of boats lost, missing and/or damaged. We will bring you this list as soon as it's complete. Both men were highly commended today by City Manager Ralph Jones for the "outstanding performance in coordinating efforts along the waterfront and with the fishing fleet." Jones, who is coordinating and directing the overall reconstruction efforts of the area said "We are getting settled down now for the long pull in building a city. We will announce shortly what is in the works and who will be in charge of what and where they can be located." The City Manager has been putting in 16 hour days of almost continuous conferences with business,, industry, construction, state, federal, military, and local officials laying the necessary groundwork for the immediate commencement of reconstruction of our community,

Tides continue to remain unusually high and we will have further information regarding this as quickly as available for official sources.

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