24 April 1964 (Friday)
(Prepared by Karl Armstrong)

The City Council met in regular session last night and took up a number of matters. Councilmen unanimously approved the recommendations of the Borough Planning and Zoning Commission relating to requests for movement of buildings, removal of a number of buildings damaged beyond the acceptable repair, and use of temporary buildings. This included the use of a temporary 24 x 24 metal building by Thompson Transfer at his old site. The building would be moved within 24 hours notice. The request was approved. A request by Al Borton to move a building within the city was approved. The request of Ben Bolden to move a building onto the Spruce Street Rotary playground was denied.

Following lengthy discussion, the council unanimously approved a motion giving the City Manager authority to negotiate with owners of tidelands to effect rearrangements which would be for the public interest along the waterfront. The City Manager pointed out that any rearrangements would be decided strictly upon engineering and feasibility studies, made in the public interest. City Manager Ralph Jones pointed out further that the tidal wave destruction and subsequent lowering of the island some 5 feet changed the waterfront picture considerably and many past engineering and feasibility reports were now no longer dependable.

A letter from Mr. Harry Reitze of the U.S. Bureau of Commercial Fisheries stating a desire to locate a large research vessel and laboratory in a portion of Gibson Cove was read to the City Council last night. City Manager Ralph Jones said he had been advised that the vessel would be approximately 160 feet long and require a crew of 35 plus another 15 people in the shoreside facility. Councilmen gave unanimous consent to a move instructing the City Manager to negotiate with the Agency and prepare an overall plan for utilization of Gibson Cove.

City Councilmen unanimously approved a recommendation of the Borough Planning and Zoning Commission for moving 60 units of temporary housing from the Naval Station onto the sanitary land fill area between City Hall and Aleutian Homes. The Council was briefed on the housing by H.H.F.A. official James Dugan who assured the Council that the housing would be brought as close to minimum FHA standards as possible and that at the end of two years they would be demolished entirely. It is understood that the Bureau of Yards and Docks is in charge of moving and erecting the units which are 2, 3, and 4 unit structures. The Alaska State Housing Authority is slated to manage the temporary housing.

The City Council last night approved, unanimously, a resolution for creation of a special service district the primary purpose of which would be furnishing water for domestic use to Spruce. Cape residents. Approval of the resolution followed discussion of providing utility services to residents of that area by annexation to the city. City Attorney Roy Madsen advised the council that annexation processes would be lengthy requiring a vote of the people and that the emergency nature of the water situation was such as to bypass annexation at the moment and create the special service district. There was general agreement between both city officials and borough officials as to the desireability of annexation of the outlying area in order to provide residents with fire, police, water and other utility services as well as decreased insurance rates. Borough Assemblyman Harold Alexander assured the council that once the water line (which would be constructed by the special service district) reached his area, "I will personally circulate a petition for annexation." Use of the water from the line was restricted to residential and commercial uses and charges will be set after a cost study is completed.

Red Cross Disaster commitments for financial aid in the Kodiak area reached a total of $40,112.00 this week according to Reverend Don Bullock, Chairman of the Kodiak Red Cross Chapter. This amount includes $16,556.00 for mass care of disaster victims and distribution of food and clothing at the High School and the Armory for the period immediately following the disaster. In addition, $5,024.00 has been spent on emergency assistance for food, clothing and other living expense for individual families. Other emergency help includes $1,353.00 for medical needs and $3,693.00 for items of household furnishings, tools, and building materials. Rehabilitation awards in the amount of $13,486.00 account for the remainder of the $40,112.00 committed by the Red Cross so far. Reverend Bullock reemphasized that Red Cross disaster assistance is given as an outright grant, on the basis of disaster-caused need which families cannot meet with their own resources. The Kodiak Red Cross disaster office is located in the basement of the Church of God, and is open daily except Sunday.

Residents in the Carlson Hill, City Hall, City Market and Block 7 of Aleutian Homes (the area between Willow, Cedar and North Blvd.): that Electrical power will be off from 5:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. tomorrow (Saturday) morning. This outage will be for repair purposes and power will not be interrupted in case of inclement weather.

Many requests have been received for complete sets of these Emergency Bulletins during the past two weeks. Complete sets of these bulletins will be printed and made available in booklet form shortly after the last bulletin appears, which will be in the not too distant future. Arrangements for reprinting the bulletin in booklet form are being made by Karl Armstrong. A charge of $1.00 will be made for each booklet of bulletins with the proceeds of such sales to go into the Kodiak Disaster Fund. Orders for such booklets will be accepted at City Hall. Persons desiring to order sets in advance may do so by addressing their checks to: Kodiak Disaster Fund, City Hall, Kodiak, Alaska, and the number of sets ordered will be reserved for you. Persons desiring such sets are urged to place orders NOW so that we will be able to estimate the correct number to be printed.



PLEASE RESERVE FOR ________NAME_________ , NO. OF ___________SETS ( AT $1.00 PER

ENCLOSED IS $_________.
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