20, April 1964 (Monday)
(Prepared by Karl Armstrong)

This was flashed to Kodiak this morning from Washington via Governor William Egan. Governor Egan, in a telephone call to City Manager Ralph S, Jones advised that he had been informed that the Soviet Government had informed the U.S. State Dept. that it had ordered it's crab fleet out of waters off Kodiak Island, "I think this is a big step forward and am hopefull that it means the Soviets will withdraw their fleets all along our coasts and cease fishing altogether in the Gulf of Alaska, however, their note advised they have ordered their crab fleets out of Kodiak Island waters," Egan stated. Efforts to get the Russians to quit fishing king crab have been spurred by local fishermen and industry interests. City Councilman Oscar Dyson made a special report to City Manager Ralph Jones about the sudden appearance of a huge Russian tanglenet fleet shortly after the quake and tidal wave left Kodiak's fishing fleet and industry prostrate. The City Manager described the actions of the Russians as being a grave threat to Kodiak and Alaskan fisheries and Mayor Pete Deveau made strong personal protests in appearances before governmental agencies and congressional committees and on personal television interviews while in Washington D.C., City Manager Jones lauded efforts of city, state and federal industry officials in getting swift action to effect the removal of the foreign fleets. "I am greatly heartened by this news, however we must not let down in our efforts to obtain the Federal legislation we have been fighting for which will give us long range protection from these foreign fleets invasions of our traditional fishing grounds," Jones stated.

The huge Navy drydock arrived this weekend and is now being assembled according to Pat Cannon. Cannon said he figures it will take about three days to get it assembled and about a week for materials to get here. ANY BOATS WITH DAMAGE WHICH WILL REQUIRE USE OF THE DRYDOCK ARE URGED TO CONTACT PAT CANNON TO ENABLE HIM TO PREPARE A USE SCHEDULE. BOAT OWNERS ARE URGED TO CONTACT PAT IMMEDIATELY OR LAWURENCE ANDERSON AT CITY DOCK.

There will be a special meeting of the cannery workers tonight (Monday) at 7:30 p. m. in the Fishermen's Hall. Purpose of the meeting will be to vote on the new contract. Union Regional Director Frances Coles urges every member to be present. "Please be present as it is imperative that we vote on this in order to have our contract signed by April 27, 1964, as requested by the national director of the union. If any member reads this please pass the word on to any member that you might see," she stated.

A statement of policy regarding loans available through the Small Business Administration is now available in the form of a press release at the City Hall.

S.S. Mullen Co.'s Supt. Bill MacNamara reports that he expects to have Potato Patch Lagoon area cleaned up by this Wednesday and then "MacNamara's band" will be back in town to demolish any other buildings made unsafe by quake and tidal wave damage.

Dan Hamler, owner of Peninsula Refrigeration Company who has made Kodiak his base of operations, and who is noted for his wit, tells us that we should try to include stock market quotations in these bulletins. As an example he cited the following report: "Scott's Tissue has reached a new bottom and thousands have been wiped clean.

Civil Defense Director Frank Irick today announced that the Salvation Army has initiated a program to get the Ed Ophiem facilities at Pleasant Harbor back into shape again. The Ophiem family is noted for their famous Opheim Skiffs which they produced in their own small shipyard facility. The tidal wave destroyed their home, facilities, mill, barn and equipment leaving them only with their family herd of cows and chickens. They have six children. Colonel Max Kurtz of the Salvation Army today said that the Salvation Army was making rehabilitation of the Opheim Pleasant Harbor home and facilities a special project. Salvation Army headquarters will continue in the Civil Defense trailer in front of the Church of God.

Channel 11 has been taken over for use as an emergency fire reporting radio channel and the following emergency fire radiophone reporting stations have been set up and identified with large signs:

1       Robert Eakin residence, Base Road, next to Sutliff & Son.
2       (Not yet established)
2A      Pete Ramaglia, Wilson Street just off Mill Bay Road.
3       Blacklock residence, 1335 Willow, Aleutian Homes.
4       Gene Turnmire residence, 1381 North Blvd, Aleutian Homes.
5       Charles Thompson residence, 1695 North Blvd. Aleutian Homes.
6       Charles Winston residence, 1688 Willow (Corner Willow & Birch)
        Aleutian Homes.
7       W.D. O'Neal residence, Cessna rentals across from Montmartre.
8       Civil Defense trailer & school phone (days only)
9       Frank Irick residence, I Street, 1 block past sanitary fill.
10      Telephone at hospital & KEA.
10A     Telephone at Dr. Bruce Keers home on J Street.
11      Scotty Mathis residence, Mission Road across from Delarov Street.
12      Chief of Police Jack Rhines residence, Mission Road.
12A     Baptist Mission (Middle Cottage)
13      Jack Randolph residence, half way out Spruce Cape Road.
14      Russell Wright residence, near end of Spruce Cape Road.
15      Dick Parke residence, Island Lake.
In addition Dr. Bob Johnson has a telephone at his residence and Fire Chief Harold Heglin's residence above the Fire Hall has a telephone. Also the boat Fortress has agreed to serve as a fire reporting station when it is in port. Chief Rhines emphasized today that "THESE PHONES ARE STRICTLY EMERGENCY FIRE REPORTING PHONES AND NOT TO BE USED FOR BUSINESS OR PERSONAL PURPOSES," As additional stations for such phones are set up the bulletin will report them. CITY MANAGER RALPH JONES URGES ALL AREA RESIDENTS TO PERSONALLY ACQUAINT THEMSELVES WITH THE LOCATIONS OF THESE EMERGENCY STATIONS, PARTICULARLY THOSE WITHIN THEIR OWN AREA SO THAT THEY MIGHT READILY BE ABLE TO MAKE USE OF SUCH FACILITIES IN THE EVENT THEY ARE NEEDED.

Stepp's Friendly Ford, an Anchorage auto dealer and the Ford Motor Company have donated 100 fine jackets for boys aged 8 to 12 according to Civil Defense Director Frank Irick. The 100 jackets will be distributed here in Kodiak after a specific, method distribution is decided upon at a meeting of the Kodiak Disaster Relief Committee to be held tonight at 8:00 p.m. in City Hall.

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