(10 April 1964 (Friday)
(Prepared by Karl Armstrong)

Exactly two weeks ago today Kodiak's business district was largely destroyed by the tidal waves and our waterfront fisheries industry completely paralyzed least that part of it which wasn't swept out to sea. THIS MORNING ALASKA ICE & STORAGE BEGAN PROCESSING KING CRAB AGAIN! Manager Bix Bonney announced at noon today that approximately 4,000 pounds of King Crab, delivered by local vessels, was processed in the cold storage plant and is being air shipped to market. And he added that Skipper Don Suryan is out with his Shafto and will be joined by the Wren W. and Cindy W. in seeking Dungeness crab. Bix said he expects to be processing Dungeness by the first part of the week. Look's like we're back in business by gollys!

Mr. C. E. Peterson, Chief, Branch of Loans & Grants, U.S., Bureau of Commercial Fisheries, arrived in Kodiak this afternoon and has set up an office in the Fish & Wildlife Building near the Health Center. He will be available from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P. M. and evenings, beginning immediately including this Saturday and Sunday. Appointments can be arranged either by leaving word at the F & W office or the Kodiak Hotel. Mr. Peterson has authority to approve loans right here on the spot on vessels and gear (both for repairs and new construction.) The loans are ten year loans at three percent.

Officials of the Small Business Administration have arrived and have set up an office in the Donnelley Building above the Post Office.

The following note of thanks and appreciation was received from Lynn & Dale Shulz and Mr. and Mrs. R. B. & Dave Cavaness:

"We wish to thank all the friends that Eugene & Rose Shulz knew and worked with for all the help, sympathy and kindness extended to us since their deaths in the recent tidal wave at Kalsin Bay."

Police Chief Jack Rhines again issued a warning that all dogs running loose would be picked up according to the instructions of Health Authorities.

Latest word on movies is that arrangement have been made for the Orpheum management to utilize the Armory during the emergency in order to provide entertainment for the community.

Much of the lower area of the business district now appears to be one great sea of mud or as one wag puts it "a rice paddy." The tides, which have been increasing daily and will reach 10-footer's (by the tide book) in the early morning hours of next Tuesday and Wednesday, now are almost over the street in front of where Tony's once stood.

Manager Ed Franklin of Aleutian Homes advises that persons who desire to obtain housing in the project should contact the project office immediately.

Kraft Supermarket Manager Tommy Frost today advised their facility will be open from 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Monday through Saturday and 12:30 P.M. to 4:30 P.M. Sundays.

Jim Eggemeyer announced today that Eggemeyer's Furniture, which was totally destroyed by the tidal wave is reopening for business in his warehouse located behind the Rhoades house. It is a two story quonset hut type building.

Harry Gottschalk received a shipment of boxes of clothing and shoes from his church, the Elsobranta, California.Methodist Church which he turned over to the Baptist Mission here after finding out that the Red Cross and Civil Defense had a surplus of clothing on hand already.

Mrs. Peggy Sutliff and Mrs. Mary Egbert, who have worked long and diligently to try to keep all our friends and relatives in the states advised as to our individual safety during the past two weeks, NEED ASSISTANCE. Just as they thought they had answered all the inqueries yesterday evening another couple hundred were laid in front of them and they are asking for at least one volunteer, preferably two, to come down to City Hall and help out.

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