April 8, 1964 (Wednesday)
(Prepared by Karl Armstrong)

Health authorities today announced that dogs running loose will be picked up. All dog owners are urged to tie up or confine their animals immediately. Dogs running loose pose a serious threat to the health of the community as they pick up and carry contaminated food items and filth throughout the city. This could result in an epidemic.

Pat Cannon today advised that the present adverse weather is hampering the salvage efforts on outside beaches. He said work is progressing in the Gibson Cove boat harbor and that Ouzinkie is lending the city piling needed to speed the work of the pile driver.

Edward A. McDermott, as personal representative of President Johnson, spent 25 hrs. last weekend inspecting earthquake and tidal wave damage in Anchorage, Kodiak and surrounding areas following the quake and tidal waves on Good Friday. Upon returning to Washington to report to the President, Mr. McDermott held a press conference in which he gave a detailed account of what he saw in Alaska and how effectively the Civil and Military authorities are functioning together to handle the first phase of this natural disaster, perhaps the greatest in recorded history of North America. Of particular significance were several quotations from Mr. McDermott.

This morning two representatives of the Internal Revenue Service, Robert Fisher and Ben Hancock are arriving in Kodiak for the purpose of lending assistance to the citizenry in connection with obtaining deferment on annual income tax payments, otherwise due April 15. They can be reached at the Kodiak Hotel, where they will have the necessary application forms and information. Their time here is very limited and so if you are interested in deferred payment, these men should be contacted at once.

"There is one important announcement that I wish to make, and that is concerning the tax treatment of casualty losses suffered by the many, many hundreds of people in Alaska who lost homes, businesses, inventories, and property. Under Public Law 87426, after the President has declared a disaster in a major disaster area, as has been done in this case, a taxpayer who has suffered casualty loss may elect to take the deduction for that loss on his return for the preceding year even though the loss occurs after the close of that tax year. This is true where the casualty loss occurs and the President has declared it a major disaster area before the due date of the filing for the preceding calendar year return. This provision of the law is applicable to the taxpayers of Alaska and will be of considerable assistance to those who have suffered losses."

Fishermen are advised by Manager Dave Savoie of the Kodiak Branch, First National Bank of Anchorage, that he has a supply of tidebooks available at no cost.

Walt Baldwin went home last night and his mother, who had just fed his four small brothers and sister, set a plate in front of him and remarked "That is some of the food we got from the Armory and it was in an unlabled can. I had a heck of a time making the kids eat it." Walt took one sniff and taste and identified it immediately for his mother who had added, "I think it's quite tasty myself." It was a can of dog food. Incidentally, pet food is put up under such stringent sanitary conditions laid down by law that such food is perfectly safe to eat...but is generally not recommended due to it's peculiar flavor.

JINNY CARLSON tells us she is keeping a small skiff handy "just in case...cause I saw rats climbing back aboard the boats." And big George Coma pointed out "a real pessimist" to customers in the Casino last night. It was coowner Lee Franklin who did look prepared for the worst as he served customers wearing hip boots pulled all the way up.

Accompanying APA and CalPac executive Clifton "Bud" Day to Kodiak is Arthur B. Tofanelli, general supervisor of design engineering to California Packing Corp. They are working with area supervisor Vern Hilliker on the rebuilding of a big new cannery here. Also in town is Robert W. Norquist, Commissioner of the Port of Seattle who last night confered with Supt. Emil Norton of Alaska King Crab.

Doris Simon of the employment office advises that she now has a messenger service set up by which employers may contact employees they need. She is in radio contact with City Hall and those wishing to use the service may contact either her office or City Hall.

"Big Les" Matson was assisting Martin Urie (remember Solly's office?) in trying to salvage anything that might have been left of Solly's office and Martin suddenly didn't feel good and remarked, "I think I've got a case of typhoid maybe." "Good, lets drink it," quipped Big Les. Incidentally, maybe you heard Big Les' and Bill Berge's favorite song which they sang in duet as they cleaned up the First National Bank facility. In great form they would bellow, "How Hi's The Water, Mother? Six Feet Deep and Risin."

There will be a meeting of the Borough Board Thursday 7:30 p.m. in the courtroom above the Post Office.

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