March 28, 1964 (Saturday)
(Prepared by Karl Armstrong)

Persons wishing to be evacuated and who have homes in the States, can make arrangements by registering with Mrs. Doris Simon in Room #5 at the High School. Arrangements are being completed with the Red Cross and U.S. Navy to evacuate those who wish to leave. Navy personnel are advised to talk to their commanding officers about evacuation of dependents.

Electricity has been restored in the Aleutian Homes area and crews are working around the clock to restore power in all other areas of the community.

A pass system has been established for movement into and within the general disaster area downtown in order to prevent looting and to permit cleanup crews to work unhindered. Passes are available to persons who owned businesses or homes in the disaster area and can be obtained at City Hall. Permits for passage THROUGH the disaster area by VEHICLE are available at the National Bank of Alaska corner.

A curfew has been imposed on the disaster area and NO ONE is allowed in the disaster area from sundown to sunup.

Fuel oil for heating purposes can be obtained by placing orders at the City Hall.

Fresh water is again available through your tap, but ALL drinking water should be boiled for 20 minutes or purified by adding four drops of clorox per gallon of water and allowing to stand for half an hour.

Meals are being served at the high school cafeteria during the emergency. Coffee and sandwiches for night workers are available at the high school cafeteria at night. The Belmont Cafe has reopened for business. City Market is now open for business.

Persons trying to salvage food which has been contaminated with salt water should wash the outside of all cans with a strong clorox solution.

A clothing drive has begun and all persons who are willing to donate clothing may leave articles of CLEAN clothing at the ARMORY.

The post office will be available for sending and receiving mail, and PNA air service is expected to resume, at least on a limited basis.

The Drug Store will be open for business from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Beginning at 2:00 p.m. today, typhoid shots will be administered at the Health Center and the High School. All persons are requested to be immunized.

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