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U.S.S. SPICA (AK-16)

Length: 401 ft
Beam: 54 ft 2 in
Draft: 24 ft 5-3/16 in
Speed: 11.5 knots
Displacement: 11,450 tons
Complement: 56
Launch date: 1919-01-01*

Alaska service:
mid 1940 - 24 Nov 1943 (Attu invasion)
22 March 1944 - September 1944
 7 April 1945 - 14 September 1945
USS SPICA History from the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships

USS SPICA officers 1941

Front row L-R: Tom Healy, Ship's Dr., Joe Long, Capt. Granum, Alan Fulmer, Nick Tripi, Pat Flaherty, ? Jensen

Rear row L-R: Ed Rupp, Harry Seltzer, John Smits, Ensign Robert E. Vincent, Jim Davis, Pat Lair, John Perdue, Jules Berrey, Carl Lee, Stanley Mann

Roster of officers August 1, 1943 (front of 8.5 x 14 sheet)

Addresses of officers August 1, 1943 (back of 8.5 x 14 sheet)

Petty Officers

Crew 1941

Navy Medicine May-June 1943 [Battle of Attu]
Because of its exceptional facilities--which included a sick bay with six permanent berths, a small operating dispensary, and an operating room--medical personnel aboard Spica (AK-16) were able to aid ships and smaller crafts that were unable to reach shore due to inclement weather. USS Spica had been sailing Alaskan waters loading and unloading cargo at American outposts on the Alaskan coast and Aleutian Islands. Medical personnel reported no fatalities or serious injuries.

From: bostonshamrock (at) (Charles Donovan)
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2001 11:19:59 -0500 (CDT)
To: joe (at)
Subject: Kodiak and the Aleutians

I was in the US Navy from 39 thru 45--1941 was stationed aboard USS
Spica AK 16 delivering cargo to Sitka,Kodiak,Dutch Harbor,etc. I
remember docking at what I think was the only dock at Kodiak and walking
quite a distance to get to town on a dirt road. The first building we
reached ( Town Hall ) had a ten or twelve foot black bear in the entry.
In May 42 six of us radiomen were put ashore at Kodiak, and had
breakfast of steak and eggs in a long mess hall up on a hill from the
dock. We were then sent to USNAAS Otter Point,Umnak Island and
Chernofski Bay to set up weather reporting stations . We stayed there
thru Dec 44. There was also  a contingent of Seabees commanded by Ens
Gill and a contingent of the 503rd Coast Artillery and I became good
friends with S/Sgt Dick Conroy. I would be very pleased to hear from
anyone who was there or their survivors. Sincerely  CF Donovan RM1c USN

From: Charles Donovan umnak4244 at Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 15:18:50 GMT I am a former US Navy RM1/c,39 thru 45. I was stationed at Chernofski Bay and USNAAS Otter Point,May 42 thru Dec 44. Served aboard USS Spica AK 16, 1940 thru May 1942. Chuck Donovan

A different USNS SPICA

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