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S/S Princess Norah

This ship is not military but is of interest to Kodiak.

Princess Norah was a steamship which operated in British Columbia and southeastern Alaska from 1929 to 1964. From 1955 to 1958, this ship was called Queen of the North. From 1958 to 1964, the ship was called Canadian Prince. More at Wikipedia.

She was installed in the inlet to Potato Patch Lake after the 1964 tsnaumi opened the lake to the sea. It was then called the Beachcomber operated by the LaGrue family. It served as a bar with a stainless-steel dance floor, a resturant? and rooms were available to rent by the hour. This site is located, even now in 2011, just one lot outside the city limits along Mission Road. The site is now paved over and a building owned by the Salvation Army with a barber shop and other facilities occupies the spot above where the stern was located. Actually, most of the lower portions of the ship are still buried at this site. The upper portions of the hull are now used as a breakwater in front of Burnie Lindsey's house on Spruce Cape Road. The ship ceased to be used as a bar and night club sometime circa 1980 when LeGrue built a new night club building just to the side of the property toward town. This building in 2011 is the Salvation Army's main facility. LaGrue bought a bar, Solly's, downtown and remodeled it into Henry's Restuarant and Bar then sold the old building to Salvation Army.

Joe Stevens photo June 2011, taken from MV Tustumena.

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