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USS ARD-31 Floating Drydock

The ARD-31, whose symbols signify Auxiliary Repair Dock, has been at Kodiak since September, 1951, and it is a familiar sight to almost all residents of the Naval Station. The carpenter barge is shown, tied up towards the bow of the ship. Woodworking is done on the barge.

James A. Shea, BTC, Chief Master At Arms of the ARD-31 inspects the crew's mess hall, as Roger R. Haag, CSSN, waits for the verdict. The ARD-31 is self-sustaining, in that it can feed and berth all of its men.

Looking down from the bow of the ship, gives a person a good perspective of the length of the dock basin. The basin can handle all ships up to, and including a destroyer. At present a floating cannery and its tinder are inthe dock.

Robert E Landis, MRFN, prepares his 18-inch lathe for boring a pulley from a piece of machinery on the ARD's carpenter barge. Howard Howe, MMC, machine shop chief supervises the operation.

Shown inspecting the latest docking job are the ARD's three officers, MACH M. E. Townsend, Engineering Officer, CHCARP J. L. Bartlett, Executive Officer, and LT F. J. Huser, Commanding Officer.

The metal shop does all the work necessary for maintenance of the ARD-31 plus any work needed on ships that are in dry dock. Shop Chief Howard C. Rife, MEC, looks on, as Julian E. Pourelle, ME1, welds an angle beam.
The above text and photos are from THE KODIAK BEAR May 30, 1952.

During 1946 the ARD-31 loaded her first destroyer. 1947 found the ARD-31 holding another destroyer in Guam. The vessel is presently owned by Mar Com Inc. For recent images of the ship, see Erik Martin's Amphibious Forces website. Marie Reece mariereece (at) cableone,net -- 03/27/03. Wife of Bill Reece 1955 stationed on USS ARD-31. Son born there [Kodiak]. Joe Kirk stationed on ARD-31 and ARD-22 1951-52. ARD-31's keel was laid 1944 June 9 at Pac Bridge/Alameda, she was launched 1944 July 29, delivered to the navy 1944 August 19, stricken 1974 April 1.

Location shown on this map of a floating drydock, in Womens Bay, probably the ARD-31.

Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 11:46:09 -0700 (PDT) From: AF MM webmaster (at) Subject: USS A.R.D. 31

Hello Mr. Stevens,

I visited your website and found that you have a section about the WWII era Auxiliary Repair Dock, ARD 31. I thought that it was quite a coincidence as the Amphibious Forces Memorial Museum is currently working to Restore a the WWII era USS LCI 713, and the Vietnam era USS Washtenaw County (LST 1166). For quite some time the LCI 713 was moored underneath the St. Johns Bridge in Portland, Oregon across from where the ARD 31 is now docked. I have taken a couple of photos of the ARD and dedicated a small section of our website to it. I wanted to know if I could use a couple of your photos, utilize your history to compose a small blurb for it, and if we could link our sites.

Also, rumor has it that the A.R.D. 31 is going to go to Mexico in the near future, but at the moment, it is just a rumor.

Please check out the website at the address provided below. You can find the section on the ARD 31 in the "Of Interest" section, then click on the "Dry Dock" button.

Erik Martin

From: Willie Coco wcoco at safeboats dot com
Subject: ARD 31
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2018 15:36:51 +0000


I have located ARD 31, it is in use with the Mexican Navy in the shipyard in Tampico. It has been re-numbered to ADI 05. I have attached some pictures.


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