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Alaska weather
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Google Watch

The Internet Movie Database.

Hypertext Webster Gateway Lookup
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QRZ callsign lookup:


Tangrams and Puzzles for Kids thanks to Dakota
Crossword clues and cryptogram help
Cryptogram solver
Printable crossword puzzles
Sudoku free printable puzzles
Scrabble word lists
The next two from Tara Pattinson:
Executive Gift Shoppe - Puzzles, Games, and Gift Ideas for All Ages
Math Playground - Play with numbers

Trivia and fun

Internerd links
Dark Roasted Blend fun
History sort of...
Computer Support Group 5000+ pages of Information - Calculators, Converters and Source Code


Sudoku printable puzzles
Crossword clue solver
Wikipedia user-edited encyclopedia, often wrong
IMDB Internet Movie Database
Planets visible at Kodiak and other Time and Date stuff
Fox News
Alaska Dispatch News
Kodiak Police updates

Recent interesting things

Online YAGI designer and a whole lot more useful stuff.
GWEN, Ground Wave Emergency Network 150-190 kilohertz
Compare states or countries size
Why does a circle have 360 degrees?
barcode UPC lookup
ProAudio Engineeering toroids and stuff
Ken's Electronics for old stuff
Steve D'Antonio Marine Consulting eMagazine
Freebsd Fortunes und das blinkenlights
Countrycode interesting site about international calling and more
Online shopping direct from Hong Kong
Lithiup Ion battery charger kit
Cadaver dissection videos, etc.
Klondike Alaska: A Rail History from KUAC Fairbanks
The World's Longest Roller Coaster Ride?? in Columbia 8/25/2017
Road construction from Chitina to Cordova Alaska and pictures ot the long gone Copper River and Northwestern Railroad 8/25/2017


Crossword clue solver
Dictionarist dictionary and translator dictionary and references
Questia online library
Directory of scholarly journals
in-depth dictionary and translations
Hutchinson Dictionary of English Usage
Grammar in several languages.
Word Spy spim, chickenability ...
NationMaster Encyclopedia
Most misspelled words
Acronym search
Dictionary of Science and Technology
World Wide Words
British and American Terms
British and American Terms
Australian slang
Scottish slang
Irish slang
Google Translate good translations, pronounces it too
Translations French Italian Portugese Spanish some depth of meanings with variations and phrases.
Translate from English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Portugese.
Translate from English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portugese.
Latin reference
Greek alphabet tidy chart
German alphabet with pronounciation audio
Dictionary for almost any language to/from English. Afrikaans Danish Dutch Finnish French Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese Latin Norwegian Portuguese Russian Spanish Swahili Swedish
Names of numbers in several languages
Opera synopses and lots more
Opera pronunciations
Real origins of phrases featuring the Nonsense Nine
The Straight Dope the BEST site for origins of words and phrases


Online Calculators & Tools
A collection of really good online calculators
Convert anything
More good conversions
Google will do extremely good conversions too.


Daily Motion
FlickR photo database
Images at Google
Videos 2 View


The Calendar Generator
Enter year:
Timeline clock
National Bureau of Standards time
Calendar on WikiPedia
How many DAYS old are you?


The Boat Anchor Manual Archive
Manuals Plus Book search and price comparison
Used and new textbooks
Find Used Books
Find books
Free online books


Collector's Weekly
Craig's List
eBay Smart Search
LED lamps and accesories


Kodiak Telephone Directory
eBay phone searches
Cnet - FreePbx integration
Cnet - Collector's Telephone Network

Phone Directories

Countrycode interesting site about international calling and more
AnyWho - has reverse lookup and by street, lists details right away
Yahoo people search
BigYellow with area code lookup
White Pages will do address lookup, name distribution, search in all states...
North America exchange lookup
Local Calling Guide
How to call international, maps and a whole lot more
All Area Codes lookups and more - US Yellow Pages

  USPS       Zip codes       UPS

Radio - TV

Radio Reference Wiki
All-time listings of Hams in Kodiak
Another all-time listing of Hams in Kodiak
National Silent Key Archive
Changing address on amateur license
VLF radio not updated lately but a LOT of info
FCC Info broadcast search site, better options than FCC site.
Radio TV Interference Handbook
Radio Locator broadcast search site
FCC facts on TV antennas
FCC Radio & TV search
FCC Universal License
FCC Database Search
Hypertext FCC Rules Project
- by Harold Hallikainen, who also has other nice things.
Amateur Radio at the FCC.
Alaska Amateur Radio Repeaters
USA amateur repeaters
Amateur repeaters in Kodiak
Alaska Ham Radio and DX cluster
Antenna and radio stuff by Brian Beezley, K6STI
Yaesu and Icom manuals
Decibel calculators
Satellite locator
HF Propagation AIM 4170 Antenna/RF analyzer
Sears CB manuals

Air Travel - aircraft

Kodiak Aviation Weather
Aviation database look up pilots, accidents, find instructors and more
Anchorage Airport info
Flight tracking worldwide
Live flight tracking (Kodiak-Anchorage)
   Listen to live air traffic on LiveATC ----- Kodiak
Yahoo Fare Chase airfare search
Aircraft Database
Air Crashes near Kodiak

Alternate Energy

Wind Links from Gary Reysa
Lenz turbine VAWT


Search for a populated place in the US
State (optional):
or for a zip code:
USGS Geographic Names Search
Global Gazetteer
NGS Coordinate Conversion and Transformation Tool
Harbor Charts and other marine charts
Compare states or countries size
Great Circle Map Creation
Great Circle beam headings list
CQ Maps custom
Panoramic and path profiles
Seattle locator with good maps.
Distance calculator
United Kingdom geography
Europe maps from Michelin
Terraserver topo maps and photos of Earth
Great Circle Mapper by SM3GSJ
Ship location mapper
Vessel tracking
Kodiak Island Borough mapping with land owners
Zip code demographics
Gridsquare conversion
Map of US ransomware attacks
CIA World Fact Book
Why the Greenwich meridian moved

The Sky

Moon and sun real-time position on line calculator
Mon and Sun rise and set


Pillar Mt. and Mill Bay
Kodiak Island, Pasagshak Pass
Alaska webcams plus worldwide webcams
Alaska Marine Lines Seattle, Ketchikan, Petersburg, Sitka, Skagway and Whittier.
Alaska Airports
Anchorage several cameras
Anchorage weather cams
Traffic cams
European webcams

Investigate rumors

Urban Legends
Truth or Fiction
Urban Legends Reference
Truth Miners

Listen to webstreams, radio, etc.

Radio, scanners and 7000 things to tune in
Air Traffic ----- Kodiak
Alabama RR


ClamWin antivirus. Free.
Housecall anti-virus from Trend Software
PC Hell
NO IP DNS service provider (Check your IP)
Cnet - FreePbx integration
Cnet - Collector's Telephone Network


John's Alaska Railroad Pages and webcam links
Diseases & medicines database
Neuber Software for Security Task Manager
Acronyms by Farlex
Acronyms by Mountain Data Systems
ISP Acronyms by Jupitermedia
NOAA Photo Library
Barcode information, product codes
Teoma search site. An Ask-Jeeves search technology.
Technical FAQ explains DTMF, bluetooth, etc.
Instruments for Natural Philosophy
Business cards online
Antique Restoration Center
NexTag shopping
The Straight Dope the BEST site for origins of words and phrases
Guinness World Records
Citizenship test
National Do Not Call Registry
Hatteras Island 2011 storm recovery
Haiku Valley Naval Radio WWII
Kodiak Military History
Today In Alaska History Word Document
Joe Stevens