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Naval Air Station Kodiak

Quarters at NAS Sitka, March 1941

Naval Air Station, Kodiak, September 1941

Naval Sir Station, Sitka, Alaska
Photograph was taken in February 1940 and shows administration building and temporary warehouses.

NAS Sitka

Building an airfield in the Aleutians
Seabees lay pierced plank on a runway under flood lights.

NAS Kodiak

Naval operating Base at Adak
Part of the PT base faciliites.

Members of the 86th Battalion at Adak
Dredging surfacing material from Finger Bay for finish material on roads.

Building a road at Adak
32nd Seabees working on road to the hospital area.

Hospital area at Adak
Main building, surgery and ward (foreground); similar building (left) is the mess hall: other buildings are x-ray and personnel huts.

Hedron area under construction, Adak.

86th Seabees lined up for inspection on Maintenance Avenue, Adak, July 16, 1944.

General view of the naval air station at Attu
Plane view of 114th Seabees working on runway.

Hospital area, Attu.

Seabees at Point Barrow
Members of the 1058th Detachment setting up the core hole rig for test hole No. 1.

A Point Barrow supply train.
Seabees use a D-8 to haul supplies to Umiat, February 1945.

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