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Sanak Radio Station

Sanak Radio Station was located on Caton Island near 54 degrees, 25 minutes north by 162 degrees, 28 minutes west. Caton Island is just east of Sanak Island. They are about 50 miles south of Cold Bay.

The following information was found in the NARA archives in Anchorage and provided to us by Michael Yarborough.

A radio range station sent out a directional beacon on frequencies below 500 KHz. On one side of the beam the aircraft heard the letter N in morse and on the other they heard a morse A. When centered on the beam they heard a steady tone. There were four beam azimuths from each station. This is also known as a AN beacon.

Caton Island Aerial View


Reference Drawings

Radio Range Facility, Typical Layout  D8-47-3
Trans. Bldg.  Type 4                 D8-108- 1 Thru 4
Type 9 Tower                          E 3306, 3307, 3308
Type 9 Ground System Details          D8-115
Z Marker Details                      D-1786, D8-37-2, D-3074
Tower Obstruction Lighting & Painting D-1205
Type 41 Qtrs. Bldg. Details           D8-103- 1 Thru 8
8 x 8 Pump House
Type 41 Eng. Gen. Bldg. Details       D8-110- 1 Thru 8
Pole Line Details                     D8-63- 4 Thru 16

Sanak Island Radar Antenna

This site was on Sanak Island, not at the Sanak Radio Station which was in Caton Island.

This map shows a SCR-271 at Sanak which could very well have been SCR-270 instead. The SCR-271 is similar to the SCR-270 and there may be many variations in the antenna specifics. This page says there were five of them in Alaska. The antenna illustration on this page of the SCR-271 looks more like the one above.

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