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SCR-547 Radar

SCR-547 Mobile Microwave Radar-Optical Height Finder


DESCRIPTION: Mobile microwave radar-optical height finder. (Slant range supplied by radar; azimuth and angular height by optical tracking.) Set consists of antenna trailer, tractor, and spare parts truck. Early models also include a power van.
USES: To supply slant range or altitude to Antiaircraft Artillery fire control instruments.
Maximum range (limited by data transmission system), 25,000 yds. Useful range is generally limited by visibility. Minimum range, 300 yds. Average range error, ± 25 yds. Altitude limits, 300 to 10,000 yds. Set should be sited for maximum visibility.
TRANSPORTABILITY: Set is transported in vehicles, the largest of which weighs 7.7 tons and measures 8' x 10' x 211/2'. Total weight of set without power van is 16.6 tons; with power van, 24.3 tons.
INSTALLATION: Five trained men can set up and synchronize the equipment with associated director in 20 minutes.
PERSONNEL: Three operators and a chief radar Operator are minimum requirement. When power van is used, additional personnel is needed.
POWER: Early models use power from van-mounted engine-driven generator, consuming 1 gal. gas per hour. Later models receive power from Antiaircraft Gun Battery power plant, the peak power required being about 3.5 KVA, single phase.

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