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Kodiak Alaska Military History

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Above is a small crop of one map. The maps below show the entire territory. The numbers on the map refer to the index numbers in the table below.

Left half, Aleutians
Right Half, Alaska Penninsula to Ketchikan

There were several fixed radars on Kodiak:

#47 SCR-296A Cape Chiniak at Round Top, Ft. Smith
#67 SCR-582 Long Island at Deer Point, Ft. Tidball
#48 SCR-296A Long Island at Castle Bluffs, Ft. Tidball
#49 SCR-296A Piedmont Point in Ft. Abercrombie
#25 SCR-271 Cape Chiniak
#26 SCR-271 Lazy Bay
Unknown type at Cliff Point

Types of radar at Kodiak

Note: The only record of any SCR-271 at Kodiak is the map mentioned on this page.

From the legend on the map mentioned above


Alaska Communication System
Signal Corps
U.S. Army
20 Dec 43 
drawing No. 43-690
scale 1 inch = 41 miles (approx)
Index Project No. Location

Filter Centers

1 A-1 (abandoned) Fairbanks
2 A-2 (abandoned) Sitka
3 A-3 (abandoned) Annette Island
4 A-4 (abandoned) Nome
5 A-5 (abandoned) Yakutat
6 A-6 Fort Randall
7 A-7 (abandoned) Naknek
8 A-8 (abandoned) Bethel
9 A-9 Kodiak
10 A-10 Fort Glenn
11 A-12 Adak
12 A-13 Amchitka
13 A-14 (abandoned) Juneau
14 A-17 Fort Mears
15 A-25 Attu
16 A-26 Shemya
17 RAD 966 (abandoned) Fort Richardson

Ground Radar SCR-271

22 A-11 Cape Tanak
23 RAD 924 Sitka
24 RAD 972 Cape Wislow
25 RAD 974 Cape Chiniak
26 RAD 977 Lazy Bay
27 RAD 993 Cape Prominence
28 RAD 994 Sanak Island
29 RAD 981 Nikolski
30 RAD 9-146 Outer Island

Ground Radar SCR-588

34 A-18 Amchitka
35 A-19 Shemya
36 A-23 Cape Yakak

Surface Craft Detector SCR-296

40 RAD 9-205 (divirted) Annette Island
41 RAD 9-135 Abalone Island
42 RAD 9-139* St. Lasaria
43 RAD 9-140* Biorka Island
44 RAD 9-133 Ocean Cape
45 RAD 9-217* Rugged Island
46 RAD 9-128* Caines Head
47 RAD 9-148 Cape Chiniak
48 RAD 9-134 Long Island
49 RAD 9-156 Piedmont Point
50 RAD 11R-1005 Martinsen Lagoon
51 RAD 9-186 Ulatka Head
52 RAD 9-187 Eider Point
53 RAD 9-136 Cape Idak
54 RAD 11R-100 Cape Adagdak
55 RAD 11R-1017 Cape Kiguga
56 RAD 11R-1001 Cape Adagdak
57 RAD 11R-101 Kirlof Point
58 RAD 11R-1002 St. Makarius
59 RAD 11R-1008 Shemya
60 RAD 11R-1009 Attu
61 RAD 11R-1010 Attu
62 A-32 Attu

Surface Craft Detector SCR-582

65 RAD 9-198 Makhnati Island
66 RAD 9-199 Rugged Island
67 RAD 9-157 Deer Point
68 RAD 9-197 Ulatka Head
69 RAD 11R-1016 Cape Adagdak
70 RAD 11R-1013 Attu
71 A-33 Attu

Surface Craft Detector SCR-682

73 RAD 11R-1015 Fort Mears
74 A-31 Amchitka
* Project initiated to dismantle, crate and store pending directions for disposal by chief signal officer.

More SCR-296A and SCR-583 radar information is on the Fort Tilden web page.

The only known other SCR-296A radar antenna in existence is at Ft. Learnard, Dutch Harbor, Alaska.
There are many other remote sites shown on the radar map that have not been thoroughly investigated.

Possible source of more information is: Coast Artillery Training Bulletin Vol 2 No 6, dated June 1943. (Unverified.)

Most of these links mention the SCR-582 radar, one of which was on Long Island. There is good radar history here with much on the MIT Rad Lab.

Samuel Seely


Ivan A. Getting interview June 11, 1991

Interviewee: Catherine F. Scott Interviewer: William Aspray Date: June 12, 1991

There is one mention of another radar at Kodiak, but only in a list of equipment. It's the SCR-547 radar ("Mickey Mouse" from twin-dish antennas) mounted on a converted acoustic-locator trailer.

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