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Note: All the above pictures came from eBay. I do not have the pictured items.


Freq range: 3.5-6 Mhz
AM, 40 KHz channel spacing
1 channel crystal controlled
Transmit power 36 mw
receive sensitivity 3 to 5 microvolts
internal AN-190 antenna
internal handset with jacks for external hi Z mic/spkr
 [note: the jacks are connected to the grid and plates of the audio tubes.
        Versions prior to F did not have the headset jack.]
batteries BA-37/38
special test fixture IX-17
Mfg Galvin 1942+
manual 11-235, 11-4019
SCR-585/BC-721 is adaptation for gliders, AN 08-10-106, T.O. 08-16-186
replaced SCR-511, replaced by PRC-6
Accessory box BX-49 contains crystals and coils for 12 channels and 12 spare tubes.

My other BC-611 page

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