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Panama Gun Mounts

Two Panama Gun Mounts at Buskin Hill

6 - The outer ring has a railroad track imbedded in concrete and a gear rack.

7 - The gun mounts are heavily overgrown and easily missed.

8 - It is very hard to photograph the two gun mounts because of the overgrowth.

9 - The center of the gun mounts is identical to three visible on Pillar Mountain as well as other sites.

10 - The inside of the outer concrete circle has a gear rack.

Three Panama Gun Mounts on Pillar Mt.

None of the three known mounts on Pillar Mt. were completed.

This mount is next to the remaining WACS antenna foundation.

Other examples of 155 mm guns on Panama Mounts

Fort Ray, Sitka, Alaska, showing how the gun fit on the Panama mount August 21, 1942, photo from national archives, 80-G-11204.
Philippine Scout soldiers on a firing practice. Photo courtesy of Tony Feredo
Sitka 215th CA. Photo courtesy of Austin Masterson
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155mm guns

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