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Kodiak Alaska Military History

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There were several local Kodiak newspapers through the years.

Kodiak Bear: published by the army starting on December 15, 1941; final issue by the navy March 31, 1972.
Kodiak Daily Mirror: first published June 15, 1940; still in weekday publication in 2012.
Kodiak Fish Wrapper and Litter Box Liner: monthly published by Roger Page July 1975 thru June 1979.
Kadiak Times: first issue May 6, 1976. Latest issue in our files is March 30, 1985.

List of some physical newspapers in museum's collection.

The final issue of the KODIAK BEAR contains quite a bit of Kodiak military history:
Kodiak Bear final issue page 1.
Kodiak Bear final issue page 2.
Kodiak Bear final issue page 3.
Kodiak Bear final issue page 4.
Kodiak Bear final issue page 5.
Kodiak Bear final issue page 6.
Kodiak Bear text of tsnaumi bulletin

Library of Congress archive of Kodiak Mirror

Kodiak Mirror front page December 7, 1941 - WAR DECLARED

In 1964 the plant of the Kodiak Mirror was destroyed and the city published this emergency bulletin

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