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Kodiak Military History, Narrow Cape

This site is reached after a short hike from the end of the road. At the end of the pavement at the Kodiak Launch Complex launch pad, instead of following the road into the pad, go straight on the unimproved trail. It will get a little rough for a regular car but you can make it if you watch yourself. Go to the end of the trail at Fossil Beach. Walk on the beach to the left and go up the hill following the cattle tracks. There are few trees in the vicinity, so you'll see the bunkers when you get to the top of the hill. A roadway is still visible that originally went to the site but it hasn't had any wheels along it in many years. Rubber boots are recommended. There is a small stream to be crossed and quite a bit of standing water between searchlight 1 and 2 depending on the weather.

There is quite a bit of erosion at the HDOP. There are remains of a wooden building shown in the view toward Pasagshak. In a gulley there are many wood beams, probably building remains. The ANNEX exhibits for this site do not show any support structures. However, the ranger station at Ft. Abercrombie has a map that does show more buildings.

Quoting from the Harbor Defense Annex B:

(1) HDOP No. 1 is located on Site 1A, Narrow Cape.
    Exhibit No. 20B.

(2) This OP, a reinforced concrete, dug-in,
    splinter-proof structure, was completed 17 Nov

(3) This station is to be equipped with an M1 DPF,
    class 3 and communications to act as an
    emergency base end station.

On top of the HDOP is a US CADASTRAL SURVEY marker EC-29 - G134 - 1971.

These are 8.5 by 11 xerox copies of the annex maps:

Bunker photos taken 2000 October 28.

HDOP, Harbor Defense Observation Post No. 1.

Searchlight repair hut foundation. Standard size of 16-ft by 16-ft.

Finger lake and the launch pad for the Kodiak Launch Complex

(The KLC has a website with a very good aerial view of Narrow Cape. The WWII facilities are on the cape to the lower left of the aerial picture at the bottom of this page.)

View from HDOP 1 toward Pasagshak

DEC and searchlight 1

Searchlight 2

Loran Station, Narrrow Cape

2007 September 1 photo by Joe Stevens 1980 photo by Jack Cook Parts of the loran transmitter now in the museum.
2007 May 13 photo by Joe Stevens

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