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From: Onebeavfl (at)
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001 14:53:39 EST
Subject: Re: Marines in Kodiak 1947-48

Dear Joe;

I was born in Kodiak 7 December 1947 in Griffin Hospital. My father was stationed in Kodiak 1947-1948. My father's name was Herman C. Bruton and he was a staff sargent in Kodiak. The photo I'm attaching was taken on April 8, 1947 and is of my parents and all their friends at the club. My parents are marked (thanks to me as a young brat). The only other couple I know is directly to our left of my mother. That would be staff sargent Thomas Mackey. I visited with Mackey earlier this year and even asked him what outfit he and dad were in. As best as I could understand him, he said they were there unofficially, as in "on loan". Those were his exact words. I'm sad to say that both Mackey and my father were buried in May of this year. You asked which marine was my father. He is in the 3rd picture to the right, and he's front & center, the only one without a rifle. I hope to dig through my father's papers pretty soon and hopefully will discover more about that time of his life. If I do, I'd be honored to share it with you. In the next email I am going to send you a "cut out" of the base's newsletter The Kodiak Gyrene and the name of the particuliar column was Straight Scoop-Some guys never get the word. I hope you enjoy this bit of trivia that I'm sending, and of course you may use it in any way you'd like. I would love for another daughter or son out there to be delightfully surprised the way I was....or even better, to have one of them old leathernecks see that picture and spend the rest of the day joyfully walking down memory lane. That would be great.
In my father's memory:Semper Fi! Linda (Bruton) Beaver

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