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SCR-296A Radar Site at Castle Bluff, Long Island

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Photos by Curt Law, AL7LQ, and Joe Stevens, WL7AML. Text and web page design by Joe Stevens

SCR-296A radar tower at Castle Bluff, Long Island, Alaska. All photos taken 1998. The tower is in excellent condition.

This was a World War II radar installation. It is one of three SCR-296A installations near Kodiak. The others are at Chiniak on Round Top and Ft. Abercrombie. There was also an SCR-582 radar at Deer Point, Long Island, Kodiak.

Looking up at the tower which is very solid. Portions of the ladder are missing.
The antenna and rotor are still on top but are laying flat over. Is this one of only two SCR-296A antennas is existence?
You can see the wood platform on top and the metal one just below.
On the ground looking at the tower.
SCR-296A transmitter-receiver cabinet. A very RARE item.
Joe Stevens and the SCR-296A equipment cabinet

Some of the RF wiring and a little other wiring is still in the cabinet.

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