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Fort Tidball, Deer Point, Long Island

Group No. 2.

The Group 2 command post was at Deer Point. This was a two-level 45-foot wooden tower with the group CP and OP on the upper floor and a surveillance radar on the lower. This station was to be equipped with an M1 DPF, class 3. There is evidence that the CP/OP was never activated but the radar was in use.

Battery 4, construction No. F 42-4, listed as fourth in importance, was located at Deer Point, site 12, on Long Island. Battery 4 was equipped with four 155mm 1918M1 guns on Panama mounts. The maximum range for these guns is 19,000 yards. 4080 rounds of 95 to 100 pound projectiles were stored in the battery magazine. These ten magazines were concrete as well as steel igloos located at the emplacement and at the Lake Dolgoi area. Google Earth locator 57-46-22.3 N, 152-14-29.7 W.

Other armament at the gun batteries consisted of two 40mm, four .50 cal, and two .30 caliber automatic weapons and 26,880 rounds of various ammunition stored in steel igloo automatic weapons magazines. Click on this thumbnail for a bigger map of the island.

Magazines and Plotting & Spotting

On the hill above the spotting and plotting bunker are remains of several wooden buildings. Photo March 2000
Seen from above is the spotting and plotting bunker. Photo March 2000
The walls of the spotting and plotting bunker are solid studs with no space between. Little of the roof remains intact. Photo March 2000
Front of plotting and spotting. Photo March 2000
Just to the right of the above view. Photo March 2000
Photo March 2000
This underground bunker is all concrete. Photo March 2000
Above the bunker shown above are what appears to be lightning rod bases. Photo March 2000
Photo March 2000
Photo March 2000
Several Armco magazines have round entrance tunnels. Photo March 2000

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