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Kodiak Alaska Military History

Iron Bottom Beach

Retrieval of an aerial bomb

In order to remove the two bombs from the beach several factors must be considered.

In order to accomplish this task. A tow truck, 400 feet of heavy wire rope and 1 1/2 inch double braided nylon line were used.

The nylon line formed the basis of the harness that was fitted to the bomb. Sections of wire rope were bolted together and the tow truck would reel in each section. As each section reached its end, the bomb was tied off so that it would not move. The cable section removed and the next section threaded onto the winch. This process was repeated until the bombs were on level ground at the top of the cliff.

The bombs were transported by two means. One was tied onto a flatbed and delivered to the museum site. The second arrived tied off to the stabilizer bar of the tow truck.

Once safely on the ground, the bomb cavities were cleaned of excess dirt, rock and rust. They were then carefully rolled into place in the museum's Miller Point Bunker for display.

The contractor hired to remove the bombs from their location on Iron Bottom Beach was Rhino Towing of Kodiak, AK. The cost to retrieve the two bombs was $600.00. Since the museum does not have the funding for an operation such as this. Funding for the bomb removal project was donated by Aksala Electronics, Inc. of Kodiak, AK.