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Ft. Greely Band

Gopher Band

L-R seated:
PFC Roland F. Wolf, Corp Lawrence J. Sprenger, Pfc Donald C. Freese, Pfc Donald J. Vegiel, Pfc LaVere D. Zchunke, Pfc Otto J. Ruemke, Sgt Severin T. Adams, Pfc Kenneth DeWanz, Sgt Richard W. Krause, Corp Stanley G. Windhorn, Pfc Harry C. Gogstetter, Pfc Stanley D. Domeier, Sgt Edwin A. Hick.

Sgt Robert C. Eichten, Pfc Benjamin O. Theissen, Pfc Leopold J. Preisinger, Pfc Albert J. Hocker, Pfc Robert R. Turley, Pfc Delmar H. Windhorn, Pfc Loren W. Neisen, Pfc LeRoy P. DeWanz, Pfc Lester W. Magers, Pfc Armin M. Penkert, Pfc Ordell W. Herrian, Sgt Theodore W. Manderfield, Pfc Fred J. Kahle, Pfc George H. Waibel, Sgt Glenmore R. P. Eyrick and Warrant Officer Raymond J. Laway.

The quiet of this dignified outpost is frequently shattered these days as the boys from the Gopher State, above, turn out and parade through camp with all stops open to attract attention to their new and gaudy uniforms. Like an Indian driving his first red Cadillac, they sound off at every intersection and by now there is not a man at Fort Greely who is not aware of the new trappings.

KODIAK BEAR photo April 8, 1942.

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