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Army Diesel Power Plant at Swampy Acres


Swampy Acres Diesel power plant and substation. All in place and abandoned.

Annotated image

From Al Boudreau, ABoudreau (at) 2002 March 9

The engines were Worthington EE-7 series, basically inline 7 cylinder engines rated for 327 RPM. I don't have the name of the Manufacture for the Alternator but could look it up if needed (believe they were either GE or Delco). The Alternators were synchronous style rated for 600 KW at 2400 VAC. The Exciters were belt-driven, shunt-wound GE series CD-75's rated 15 KW, 125 VDC at 1750 RPM. The Voltage Regulators were of the manual chain operated rheostatic type. I'm not sure of the manufacturer but could try and look it up if needed. The Main Switchboard was designed for 2400 VAC with 50 KVA Circuit Breakers. The Switchboard was originally purchased from GE by W.A. Ramsay LTD of Honolulu, T.H. for the Midway Island Submarine Base Power Plant. The Switchboard was then purchased from W.A. Ramsay LTD by S.D.P.S. (Siems Drake Puget Sound) for use at Army Diesel. I've the original purchase order numbers if needed.

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