The Harbor Defenses of Kodiak, Alaska

FORT J.H. SMITH /Chiniak
/St. Peters Head/1944-1948/Lesnoi Corp./note 1/ #403/2 - 8"/BCLRN/1944-1948/1 gun tube at Buskin River Inn near airport
/Chiniak Point/WWII/private// #F42-5/4 - 155 mm/PM/only one visible

/Castle Bluff/1944-1948/Lesnoi Corp./note 2/ #296/2 - 6"/SBC/1944-1948/2 shields remain (no carr, no tubes)
/Deer Point/WWII/Lesnoi Corp./note 3/ #F42-4/4 - 155 mm/PM

/Miller Point/1944-1948/Alaska State Parks/note 1/ #404/2 - 8"/BCLRN/1944-1948/parts of 2 gun tubes displayed at battery museum
/Spruce Cape/WWII/USCG(USN)/note 4/ AMTB/2 - 90 mm/F/WWII/

/Puffin Island/WWII/United States/note 4/AMTB/2 - 90 mm/F/WWII/
/Buskin Hill/WWII/Natives of Kodiak Inc/note 5/#F42-6/4 - 155 mm/PM/

Other Kodiak positions
/Pillar Mountain/WWII/City of Kodiak///3 - 155mm/PM/75% completed, perimeter rail is nearby

Note 1: Parts of gun tubes are in the vicinity after being destroyed in 1948. Mount parts remain. Ready ammunition bunker intact.

Note 2: Apron and ready ammunition bunker intact.

Note 3: Mounts are on a clear bluff with fire control buildings and magazines intact.

Note 4: Concrete foundations with steel studs protruding remain.

Note 5: Very overgrown, hard to find.

This is a correction of the data shown on the CDSG page.

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