Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 02:04:04 -0400
From: Bob Moses  cdrmoses(at)
Subject: Kodiak

I found your web site by accident and I was thrilled.  My compliments on
a job well done.  I ran into a couple several months ago at an I-75 rest
stop and they said they were from Bell's Flats.  When I was stationed at
Kodiak (67-70) there wasn't much in Bell's Flats.  Just a ranch and a
bar with the famous stuffed jack-a-lope.  I have some slides that I will
be glad to send you.


As best as I can find out, around 1970 the Borough started selling lots 
in Bells Flats.  You wouldn't recognize it today. There is a big FUDS 
cleanup starting there this summer, too.  All the old collapsed WWII 
buildings will be "cleaned up" ):

I'd enjoy any comments you might like to contribute.  If you can't 
scan slides, send them to me and I'll return them post paid.



Joe Stevens
PO Box 628
Kodiak, AK 99615

Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1999 23:47:26 -0400
From: bob moses    cdrmoses at
Subject: Kodiak slides

I'll get the slides out to you this weekend and you may keep them.  They
are mainly of the 1968 and 1969 King Crab Festivals.  One slide is of a
Coast Guard cutter and a captured Russian trawler anchored near the
entrance to St. Paul Harbor.  This was the second trawler we captured. 
The first skipper was fined $50,000, his catch confiscated and he was
allowed to go his way with his ship.  The second trawler was seized, the
skipper tried and given a $100,000 fine, loss of the catch and the ship.
Ironically, an American in Russia was caught for counterfeiting about
the same time.  The Russian ship and skipper were traded for the
American.  There are several slides from the Fort Ambercrombie area and
it was really rough out there in 1968.

1. fishermen on Buskin River
2. bunker at Ft. Abercrombie
3. view toward hangars & bay 3am, Ektachrome
4. St. Paul Harbor
5. Old Women Mt. with a skirt on
6. St. Paul Harbor & cannery
7. back of dispensary 3am
8. water tank on base 3am