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Alaska Communication System
The Seattle ACS Group holds a luncheon meeting every 3rd Friday of the month starting at 11:30 at the Old Country Buffet 16549 Auroa Ave North Seattle WA. contact: Joe Gregory: or call Ralph Aagard 206-367-9515

The Anchorage Alaska ACS-WAMCATS Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club meets at 9: 00 a.m. In Denny’s Restaurant, on Denali Street between Northern Lights Blvd. & Benson. Call Joe Booi 907-243-7042

505th Signal page

Jack Kotlovker was at ACS Kodiak 1942-43. (100 photos)
This text not only describes the ACS in Kodiak but also gives weather, civilian habits, and quite a slice of life in Kodiak at the time.

You will find mention of who did the work, and why they did some of it where they did. It discusses a minefield and other subterranean things. Some material for the project was salvaged from the navy dump. Dates many installations were completed are included as well as a statement that "installation of equipment which as far as can be ascertained here will never be used."

Source: NARA Anchorage RG342, stack 10/04/08(1), Records of US Air Force Commands, Activities and organizations, Records of the Alaska Communications System 1900-1961, Box 7.

History of Alaska Communication System Kodiak 28 November 1945

Signal Hill radio site. Photos taken 1949. (Where the dairy barn is today.)

Site plan on notepad paper found with pictures at NARA Anchorage.

The building on the site built in June 1954 is still in use by AT&T Alascom in 2013.

ACS / Alascom building pictures 5 January 2009

The original blueprints are located in the building in a file cabinet in the office.

The building is located at the end of Buckskin Drive N57 47.497 W152 23.930

The title block from one sheet of many gives quite a bit of information about who built it.

Joe Hacker sent a large image of the town of Kodiak in 1958. This is the lower right portion showing Signal Hill and the 1954 building. Dairy barn to the right. Added 13 May 2013

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