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215th Coast Artillery Battery B

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101st Brigade 215th Coast Artillery (Anti Aircraft)  Battery B, (215 CA AA Btry B)

St. Peter Herald, Minnesota, Jan 15, 1941 page 1

98 men leave for March Field Calif tomorrow

Maj Clifford R. Nutter, Capt Paul Hallman (of Mankato, CO of Btry B), 
1st Lt Harold Frey, 1st Lt Louis Veith, 2nd Lt Leon Johnson *.

Front row: 16
Corp Carl Swanson, 1st Sgt Franklin Fiedler, Staff Sgt Robt Fiedler,
Corp Henry Erlahl, Sgt Vincent Sullivan, Sgt Jerome Spiess, Sgt Walter Holz,
Sgt Leslie Malmberg, Sgt Wesley Anderson, Sgt Jerome Hodges, Sgt Clement Lange,
Corp Verner Severson, Corp Gerard Olson, Corp Roy Peters, Corp Roy Schauers,
Corp Erling Emerson.

Second row: 15
Pvt Melvin Peterson, Pvt William Raney, Sgt Clifford Drenttel, 
Sgt Linden Bartlett, Pvt Benjamin Hildebrandt, Pvt George Wolfe,
Pvt Orville Gjerde, Pvt Walter Dickenson, Pvt Roger Theiss, Pvt John Quirk,
Pvt Harlan Karge, Pvt Samuel Miller, Pvt Donald Specht, Pvt John Ofenloch,
Corp Curtis Heyn.

Third row: 22
Pvt Weikko Nelson, Pvt Stanley Ziebarth, Pvt Wayne Hoffman, Pvt Burton
Jacobson, Pvt Rhule Biehn, Pvt Milton Larson, Pvt Del Gierke, Pvt Orlando
Kesser, Pvt Roy Peterson, Pvt Michael Wetch, Pvt Clarence Veith, Pvt Guy Good,
Pvt John Jones, Pvt Floyd Bordwell, Pvt George Mueller, Pvt Francis Severson,
Corp Richard Spiess, Pvt Maurice Iverson, Pvt Miles Thompson, Pvt Clifford Johnson,
Pvt Burton Taurman, Pvt Ed Weber.

Fourth row: 15
Pvt Lawrence Maxson, Pvt Ralph Mongels, Pvt [Austin J.] "Tom" Masterson, 
Pvt Paul Decklin, Pvt Hale Mariott, Pvt Gilbert Swanson, Pvt Wm Heilman, 
Pvt Herbert Glazer, Pvt Quintin Phillips, Pvt Wayne Siebenbrunner, 
Pvt Lester Schwarz, Pvt George Chase, Pvt Joseph Baumberger, 
Pvt Rolfe Laugtug, Pvt Irwin Jacobson.

Sixth row: [sic] 24
Pvt Wayne Etter, Pvt Raymond Jacobson, Pvt Carl Peterson, Pvt Earl Borkenhagen,
Pvt Warren Christensen, Pvt Harvey Tepley, Pvt James Driscoll, Pvt Dennis
Larson, Pvt William Wakefield, Pvt Walter Spidahl, Pvt John Heilman, Pvt William
Nelson, Pvt Wilbur Volk, Pvt Francis Cassidy, Pvt Oliver King, Pvt Albert Casey,
Pvt Paul Severson, Pvt Arthur Becker, Pvt Kenneth Benson, Pvt Donald Nelson,
Pvt Robert D. Lee, Pvt Harold Heilman, Pvt Craig Lillemo, Pvt Duane Heaner.

Private Ronald Hix was the only man not present when the picture was taken.

The mascot's name is NIPPY BLITZKREIG aka PRIVATE STOCK.

*  Leon Herbert "Ole" Johnson, staff of HERALD for past 6 years would
later be a Major, head of Kodiak Electric, mayor of Kodiak, have a 
street and Terror Lake dam named for him.

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